Wire Ring Belt


Wire Ring Belt is positive driven conveyor belt consisting of performed wire-links connected by cross rods. Available with reinforced links, springs and spacers. The wire ring belt has a welded selvedge. In order to reinforce the wire ring belt, plate links made of flat steel are inserted into edges and inside the wire ring belt instead of longitudinal wires. Also driving wheels for these wire ring belts are parts of the delivery.

1, Available Material: Stainless steel SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, copper, nickel, monel, titanium, silver, plain steel, galvanized iron, aluminum and etc.
2, Size: Up to clients
3, Pattern design: up to clients, and we can offer suggestion as well based on our experience

Features of the wire ring belt:
Straight running of the wire ring belt
Positive drive without creeping
Large open area enables washing or drying of products on the wire ring belt
When operated in a bath, it does not carry out the bath content
Small contact surface with product, where necessary
High rigidity and long lifetime of these wire ring belts
Easy to clean, does not blind