Square Wire Mesh

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Rolls
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Material: Stainless Steel Wire
Weaving: Reverse Dutch Weaving
Feature: Good Wear-resistance


Square wire mesh made of stainless steel, can be further divided into square wire mesh plain weave and square wire mesh twill weave.Stainless steel square wire mesh made of selected plain steel wire offers precise construction and uniform opening, is extensively used as window screening, safety guards on machinery enclosures

Materials: SUS302, 304,316,304 L, 316L stainless steel wire and galvanized steel wire.

Weaving Type:
Plain weave and twilled weave patterns.
The weaving is determined according to our customers specific requirements, such as the material,the wire diameter,the size of the mesh,width and length.

Square Wire Mesh made of selected plain steel wire offers precise construction, uniform opening, excellent corrosion and rust resistance.
Square aperture,high flow through and relative high open area,as result less pressure drop during filtration.
Meantime stainless steel square mesh also has the features of acid resistance , alkaline-resisting property, heat-resisting feature, wear-resistant and high temperature property.

This kind of stainless steel wire mesh are widely used in such fields as environmental protection, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry, mechanical industry, smelting industry, coal mining, paper making, cement, construction industry, decoration, aeronautics and astronautics and so on.

Standard width:0.6-1 .5 M
Standard length: 30 M
Applicable diameter :14-50 #
Mesh Counts: 2-500 mesh